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Sivakumar Educational Foundation 40th Anniversary Celebration!!


Actor Sivakumar has spent the past 40 years through his Foundation in honouring and rewarding the students who passed in the HSC examinations and have excelled in sports, arts and field of innovation. During his 100th film to motivate the students, Mr. Sivakumar started the ‘Sivakumar Education Foundation’. For the past 40 years, a qualified student gets recognized by students and commended by his Foundation. This year, the 40th Award Ceremony of the ‘Sivakumar Educational Foundation Charitable Trust’s’ 40th anniversary was held at Vadapalani Prasad Lab, Chennai. The amount of Rs.10,000/- per student for the festival and Rs.2,00,000/- was awarded. In addition to this, the Educational Development Group has been awarded Rs 1 lakh to ‘Thai Tamizh School’ for the development of first generation poor students organized by Tindivanam and also for the Banana system. Futher, Mr. Veerappan, a teacher who continues to serve as a model school in the Vellore district, Selvakumar and the head teachers of the Maramalai Nagar Government Secondary School and Karukuzhi Government Secondary School who were working with Agaram Foundation were honoured on the occasion for their selfless community contribution for the effective guidance of our school’s telecommunication program.

Gracing the event, Actor Karthi greeted everyone, followed by the honouring of students. He continued to share his experiences with the students. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sivakumar continued to share his thoughts about the ‘Sivakumar Education Foundation’ & the website, which began in May 1979 and he encouraged students to score high marks in the HSC exams. He quoted saying, “My children are now doing well to help the poor students. I am well aware of how hard a child from a poor family faces to continue their studies. I have also experienced that education can improve one’s quality of life. I am very happy to do my best to help children who are born into a poor family like me. It was his first victory over hurdles. There is still a long way to go. Students must continue to improve their lives without distracting them”. Later, he honoured the students at the ceremony and provided financial support to two organizations that strive for further education.

Agaram Foundation Founder Mr. Suriya says, “It’s not great to start a thing. The big thing is to keep doing what started, that was an important lesson we learned from my father. Thinking a thousand times before starting. Once started, he will strive to keep the thing going. The 40th year Ceremony is just one example of this. The blessed students here are all very well educated. This is the event that makes it special”.

Adding on, he says “The Agaram Foundation is doing its best to support the educational development of the underprivileged people in our society. This year, the number of students receiving higher education through the Agaram Foundation has risen to 3,000. Personally I have no possibility. We have fulfilled the dream of a college of deserving poor students with the help of many good people. Top quality educational institutions in Tamilnadu offer students the opportunity to study for free. My sincere thanks to all those who help to make quality education available for poor students”. Tamaraiselvi, a student attending music college through the Agaram Seed Project, started singing the greetings of Tamil mother. The event was hosted by an alumnus of the Agaram Foundation.

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